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The device chans-01-SCENAR

12 900 руб.

SCENAR Personal device version CHENS-SCENAR. Has four frequencies: 14, 60, 90, 340 Hz, the intermittent modulation mode 3:1. Can install the oscillating frequency of IDR.

One of the most popular versions of personal devices. Has a wide enough feature set to use all the features of SCENAR-therapy. Compared to the basic version functionality expanded to include a choice of one of four frequencies (14, 60, 90 and 340 Hz). Chans-01-SCENAR is well established including among athletes who use it before and after workouts, as well as for rehabilitation after injury.

  • Frequency — 14, 60, 90, 340 Hz;
  • amplitude modulation — 3:1;
  • frequency modulation — 30-120 Hz;
  • dosed mode — for any modes and their possible combinations.